Unity session

with Julien, Dolores and The Crys

Access the wisdom and healing energy of The Crys as channeled through Dolores, while Julien does personal energetic clearings through his effective intuitive psychic abilities.


Global presence
Available in person or online for sessions and workshops
Canada - USA - France - Hong Kong - Singapore - and more!

Dolores and Julien are  bilingual in French and English.
Service en Francais disponible sur demande

Book your private session with both Dolores & Julien
Private session


with Dolores and/or Julien


Session with Julien                                                                                     Read more about Julien here >>

Yuen Method / Energy clearing

Julien will strengthen you by identifying & deleting energetic weaknesses and their root causes. Improve all aspects of your life. This includes health, fitness, relationships, money, finances, prosperity, purpose, career, business, employment, entrepreneurship, less aging and mastery of time.
You will experience immediate improvements and results!

Julien is also available for Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy, as well as private coaching facilitation.

Feel free to contact him to discuss your situation in all confidentiality and find out how he can help you: