The star light and the crystal light are the expression, we are here, you may speak.

Q. How shall we address you?
A. We are a collective of crystal light star light beings, so the name that has been chosen is appropriate (The Crys / Crys)

Q. Please explain more about your collective.
We are a collective of 51 star light and crystal beings from the area of the galaxy that you would call Sirius. We are of crystalline nature and light. We have long since stopped to exist in the physical form as you humans would call physical existence. But have transformed so to speak for there is lack of words in your language to explain but have transcended or ascended from the physical form to a crystalline light structure. An evolution so to speak from what humanity does know on the planet you call earth.

Q. Which part of Sirius are you from?
A. We would say that it is a part of Sirius that is unknown to most human beings on the planet earth. We would say the dark side but not meaning dark as in negative, but a shadowed side that is not apparent in the human psyche at this time but that is being revealed. Many know of Sirius A and Sirius B and the like. These are popular well known examples, but there is much complexity in the area of the galaxy that you would call Sirius. And we come from a section that is or has been shadowed or veiled so to speak for a very long time from the human psyche or mind. It is now because of the light frequencies that have been addressing your planet and the growth of the human psyche, or ascension, let's say that we are able to connect and be part of this reality again.

As humanity went into darkness and forgetfulness, this was a veiling that was inevitable. And as humanity is embracing more light and coming more into its remembrance, the veil is now lifting. Communication is possible. You are remembering who you are. You are remembering that you come from the source, that you are love, that you are light, that you are the divine children of what you call God, Creator, Source, Goddess, Mother, Father. For humanity fell into darkness and forgot who they were. Now a great awakening is taking place on this planet.

And we are here to assist in the waking up process.

Q. Is it the first time you're doing such a thing?
A. First time that we assist humanity in waking up, yes. But if you are asking if it is the first time that we have had connection with humanity, we would say no.

Q. Speak more to your nature (crystalline/light).
A. It's not unlike the process that is happening to human beings on your planet now, for as the evolution occurs, the structure of the human body and mind changes. They become less dense and more light. Hence the light and the crystalline formation. Humanity is in the beginning stages of becoming more light, light being so to speak, of joining those who have already achieved this process. You're in the first stages. We have had this transformation a very very long time ago in humanity's linear perspective of time. Hence we are like your ancestors, although not directly related in lineage. But we are all of the stars you see. For we were all created by the same.

Q. You don't have a physical nature at this moment?
A. We have, but not in the way that humanity would perceive it. We are of crystalline nature. This is our physical structure. We do not have a physical structure on the planet earth. It is not as you would perceive a physical structure, for it is liquid, light and crystal. We may chose for it to be more physical as you would say, or more light, like what you would call a liquid on your planet, but not even that. There are not exact words to explain that, for it is not something that humanity is able to remember at this point.

Q. Do you have contact with others at this moment? Are you assisting others besides us?
A. We assist many but it is beyond the comprehension of your system to understand at this point.

Q. Speak more to the nature of your collective. Why 51 beings?
A. It is how it progressed. For it could have been 20 or 80 or 180. But the progression of the beings so to speak that came together happened in that number. Not unlike the formation of a crystal you see. Think of it as a crystalline structure with many points. There are crystalline structures with only a few points, and crystalline structures with many points. What is to determine how they arrange themselves or how they evolve into their form. It is the nature of the universe around them that has formed them. It is the same for us. There was more at one time, but they dropped off, unable to proceed in the evolution.

Q. Are there other collectives working in similar manners?

A. Yes there are many. And some that are known to this planet. You are aware of these individual groups for there are many on this planet who subscribe to the assistance of these collectives. They may choose a single name to make it comprehensible to your level of awareness. But there are many many collectives throughout the universe for as beings evolve, they become aware of their oneness and they form collectives and work in groups. For the individual is of less importance when you are aware that you are it, that you are light, that you are God, that you are creator. You see. For it is all one having individual experiences, but as you come together in the awareness and the acknowledgement of life, you join and you become more than just one single divided soul. It is difficult for your human experience at this point because you have been living in a divided polarized existence where the individual feels alone and separate from its source, from the love, from God so to speak, from its creator. And that has been the experience and the learning on this earthly plane. But now, as your veils are thinning and lifting and the light is hitting your planet, individuals are becoming more aware of the collectiveness of evolution.

Q. What is the difference between star light and crystal light beings?

A. As we have explained it is liquid in form to your reality, so imagine that we have the choice between crystalline structure and liquid light so to speak. These are terms for your mental capacity but not really explanation of how it proceeds for us. So we are at once crystalline and light. We are to project ourselves as physical crystal structure or as liquid light so to speak. But again these words are inaccurate for the concept and the words do not exist in your awareness at this point. Say that we are filled with light crystalline structure all at once.

Q. What is the difference between you and angelic beings or other channeled beings?
A. We are beings that have evolved, that have ascended, that were once physical and have moved through the levels so to speak, from density to light. Angelic beings are light beings that have not been human so to speak, although there are exceptions but they are beings that are close to the source in the sense that they did not have to come to physical density. As for other beings or entities that are being channeled on this planet, there are many to choose from, for there are what you would call alien sources, there are what you would call angelic sources and there are what you would call deities, ascended masters etc. each has its own explanation so to speak.

Q. Could you speak more to the terms: the star light and the crystal light is the expression.
A. It is the expression of our beingness, it is how we connect and communicate with you. It is how we connect and communicate with Source, it is the expression of all. For we are all of star light, as is humanity. The stuff of stars, created by the creator, source, the light. There is nothing but the expression of the light. And as we are crystalline in nature, it is part of our expression. The beingness that we are is a kind of introduction in human terms. It is our name, it is our wholeness, our oneness, our beingness, our expression in reality. It is our ending and our beginning. It is our hello and our goodbye. It is our beingness. It is how we connect with you, our energy so to speak, our salutation. Our essence. How we operate within the reality. Therefore it is our expression, an expression of star light and crystal light.

Q. Should we respond to your salutation? Is there a polite way to do so?
A. You may, but there’s no need. What you call human politeness is not necessary to us. You would not offend us. We are not offended by anything that you would say or do. We see the true nature of your beings, your beingness. And that is also light. We see beyond the facade of the human nature/psyche existence of the duality of your awareness and density of your planet. And it is to the lightness inside each of you that we speak, that we express, light to light, urging your lights to grow, like the flames of a fire. The adding of light to light.

The starlight and the crystal light are the expression, we are here for you always, you need only call upon us.

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