Dolores, Channeling The Crys

Trance Channel/Medium

Clairvoyant & Psychic

Energetic Healing facilitator & Teacher

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Studying alternative therapies and energy work since 2004, Dolores is a Gifted intuitive Empath, Intuitive Healing Facilitator & Mentor.

Dolores opened fully to Channeling & Spirit Mediumship in 2014 and works with several higher vibrational groups & enlightened beings who are here to assist humanity through this time of change & transformation with their love & wisdom. Dolores has experienced channelings with such enlightened beings as Lord Melchizedeck, Mary Magdalene, Crysalys (the Spirits of creation), The Crys (starlight & crystal light beings) as well as various others that have passed from our world to the world of spirit. However, her core channelings and teachings are usually brought through by 'The Crys' (a group of enlightened beings from the Sirius region in our galaxy) and more recently through Mary Magdalene as a representative of the Divine feminine Consciousness and the earthly Ascended Masters.

Dolores guides and shifts her clients and students into balance, wellbeing, and a joyous, loving state, by holding space for them to shift through love and heart energy. With the constant teaching and reminder that "the heart is just a muscle that we forgot how to use", her simple heart opening techniques are easy and accessible to all!

Dolores has had the honor and privilege to study and work with several great masters, teachers, and channels/mediums worldwide. Dolores is also trained in several healing and energetic modalities such as:
-Ancient fire healing hands (channeled and remembered lost healing art)
-Yuen Method (certified in 2012)
-Applied Kinesiology 
-Rahanni teacher/practitioner
-Soul Genesis (various levels) 

-Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Shiki Ryoho)
-Matrix Energetics certified practitioner (certified in 2009) 
-Millennium Method
-BioGenesis crystal light tools
-Grigori Grabovoi (harmonious development and organ regeneration)
-Law of Attraction

-various psychic/intuitive trainings

Dolores travels and teaches around the world with her life partner and twinflame Julien Willm, together with The Crys they have created several Heart based mentorship and energetic programs. Dolores' and Julien's skills and knowledge combined with the heart healing energy of The Crys creates unique and life changing results for their clients and students, assisting them in a very special way to reach their best and infinite potential!

Dolores and Julien are continually working on new psychic intuitive development and self-empowering programs.


"I have had a few channeling sessions with Dolores & The Crys. It’s been really amazing. They were always spot on. They’ve given me incredible insights & understandings and facilitated so much healing for me. I’ve been blown away quite a few times by their guidance and the depth of their teaching. Beyond the “talking” part, there’s also an experiential aspect that’s unique. They work through/on us somehow, on an energetic level, and they are always willing to assist when asked. The results are amazing. 
A session with The Crys combines insights, guidance, teachings and healings! I’m very grateful to them and to Dolores to have had these amazing opportunities."

B.D. (France)

"The Crys were very helpful for me! They took me straight to the truth with no Unecessary information. They were gentle and loving but very real and I had to face where I wanted to be beyond where I was. I'm very grateful to have this session with Dolores who did a great job of pure and clean chanelling of them! Thank you Dolores and thank you Crys love Danya"
Danya (Italy)

"I recently had the opportunity to take part in a few workshops (online and in-person) hosted by Julien and Dolores and the Crys. What an amazing experience!! I can only speak from the heart. When I say that the learning was not only healing but the themes, truth, knowledge and love, were powerful, is an under statement. The Yuen Method that Julien uses while Dolores channels the Crys with inspiring messages that help you grow and come to know you true authentic self is very compelling.  I am learning and I am finding the confidence and courage that I need to go within and live from the virtues of the heart. To learn love, to share love, to be love. Thank you Dolores, Julien and the Crys"
Ashley (Canada)