Private Mentorship Program

We offer a very limited number of private mentorships, tailored to your needs, to assist your personal growth.

This is a very unique and exceptional experience to assist you to grow and activate your full potential, in a safe,  personal and supportive environment of weekly online private sessions.

Information & Application:

Are you looking to:

-benefit from regular ongoing private energetic clearings & channeling sessions
-receive  regular guidance and support
-have extra support while going through something difficult or challenging
-expand your conscious awareness and growth
-have a specific goal(s) that you would like to achieve
-go deeper into self-love and self-empowerment in a safe and confidential environment
-ask regular questions to enlightened beings and clear energetic blocks regarding your life experience
-benefit from specific and individual personal guidance, teachings and energetic clearings, all designed just for you
-feel love and support on a regular basis
-expand your potential
-benefit from a tailor made experience involving guided hypnosis, energetic clearings, and channeled messages from ascended masters and light beings, and have their support and guidance on a regular basis
-benefit from special exclusive free bonuses and special offers on all of our offerings
-get answers to those lingering questions
-make a deep shift in your unwanted negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
-improve your life on all levels in ways both known and unknown
-experience the Love and guidance of Enlightened beings in a personal way, while learning to go deeper into who you are and improve your skills of self-love and intuition
-benefit from the shifts coming from regular energetic clearings and hypnosis

-and much more!

All tailored to your needs and growth!

Plus also benefit from group shifts and community experiences,

all contributing to your happiness and conscious living

Please contact us to discuss your needs in all confidentiality: