Private Mentorship Program

This is a very unique and exceptional experience to assist your growth and activate your full potential, in a safe and personal environment of regular online private sessions and ongoing personal support.

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*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the teachings, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for all these programs, there are no refunds after purchase.

Information & Application:

Now taking applications for September 2023!

We offer a very limited number of private mentorships

"This journey with you both has been monumental, divine, challenging, deeply fulfilling

and has helped me get closer to be and do what I came for this time."
VS, Australia

For the next 12 months, are you looking to:
-Receive regular private sessions, ongoing guidance, teachings, and support in a loving environment, all designed just for you
-Benefit from the shifts of energetic clearings, clairvoyant healings, channeling, and Hypnotherapy
-Receive extra support while going through a difficult time or a particular challenge
-Expand your conscious awareness and grow into your gifts and talents
-Finally achieve your goal(s)
-Improve your relationships
-Go deeper into self-empowerment and self-love in a safe and confidential environment
-Clear energetic blocks regarding your life experiences, health, and wellbeing
-Learn how to improve your skills of neutrality, intuition, and energy clearing
-Ask regular questions to enlightened beings, receive personal channeled messages, and experience their ongoing Love and guidance
-Benefit from special exclusive free bonuses and perks on all of our offerings
-Expand your potential
-Get answers to those lingering questions
-Make a deep shift in your unwanted negative thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and patterns
-Improve your life on all levels in ways both known and unknown

And much more! All tailored to your needs and growth!

Plus benefit from group shifts and community experiences,

all contributing to your happiness, conscious living and infinite potential.

"With daily stress from immediate family, I felt like I was riding a roller coaster without a safety belt. I am most grateful for Dolores & Julien’s Mentorship program, I am now off the roller coaster facing my stresses positively. I no longer have any racing heartbeat attacks, and my blood pressure is back to normal."
ML, Hong Kong

We offer a very limited number of private mentorships,

tailored to our clients' specific needs, to assist their personal growth.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in all confidentiality
and see if you are a fit for this program: