A 4 week live online  class
Learn about and improve your intuition and unique intuitive skills.
Awaken and strengthen your intuitive abilities!


Week 1

-What is intuition and psychic awareness and how can it assist you in your daily life?
-Awareness and noticing what you notice
-Receiving the info.
-Live energetic clearing of 'blockages' from accessing greater intuition

-Live Q&A with The Crys about intuition

-Bonus: Intuition Activation with The Crys (channeled by Dolores)

Week 2
-How to recognize your intuitive skills and the way that you receive, perceive and process the information
-Find out your dominant sense
-How to ask Intuitive questions and receive answers using your unique skills
-Live energetic clearing of 'blockages' from accessing greater intuition
-Live Q&A with The Crys
Week 3
-Practicing and refining your skill
-Other tools to assist you to tap into your intuition
-How to tune into another's energy and read it
-Experimenting exercises and confirmation journaling
-The importance of neutrality
-Live energetic clearing of 'blockages' from accessing greater intuition

-Live Q&A with The Crys 
-Bonus: Intuition upgrade with The Crys

Week 4
-Practicing and refining your skill
-Things to do to continuously improve your intuition
-Live energetic clearing of 'blockages' from accessing greater intuition
-Live Q&A with The Crys

We will use energetic clearings, powerful channelings, activations and hypnosis to assist you in removing blockages and fears that could be in the way of you accessing and improving your intuition, bringing you closer to your full potential!

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Learn how to enhance your intuition with support and balancing from higher vibrational beings.

4 weeks of live 2 hour webinar where you learn about your intuition from the comfort of your own home

Along with 4 weekly live classes of 2 hours you will receive:
-The complete recordings library for review & study on your own time
-Recordings of all guided meditations & hypnosis

to reuse whenever you need or desire
-The healing wisdom and guidance of The Crys
-Guided hypnosis by Julien to help you overcome obstacles

and blocks to accessing or improving your intuition
-Intuitive answers and powerful energetic clearings by Julien

and Dolores assisting you to strengthen your intuitive skills and remove blocks and barriers
-Intuition activation and upgrades

-Support and healing resonance from the group of like-minded aware individuals who like you are looking to awaken and strengthen their intuitive skills and abilities

Activate your Intuition


Activate your intuition ~ 4 sessions of 2 hours:

Monday 11 October, 2021
Monday 18 October, 2021
Monday 25 October, 2021

Monday 1 November, 2021
6am Pacific - 9am Eastern - 2pm London - 9pm HK/Singapore

Join Julien, Dolores and The Crys for this primer class on intuition.

Learn  how to access and fast track your intuitive skills from the comfort of your own home.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced intuitive, this class will assist you to identify and refine your unique intuitive skillset. Learn how you receive information and how to interpret it.
Through powerful channelings, hypnosis, and intuitive energetic clearings, remove blockages and belief systems that stand in your way to psychic awareness, and improve your intuition.

Join Julien, Dolores and The Crys for this exciting and fun activation to your intuition class!

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