"It has been a joy for me to learn and participate in some of the programs that Dolores and Julien offer. Energetic Self-Care is a must!"  ~ C.S., USA

Then this is the quick meditation practice for you!

A technique that allows you to be fully present in your body

and change your life experience!

A simple technique beneficial for beginners

as well as experienced energy workers!

Special 50% discount for repeat student!

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Club members             $297

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Plus a bonus!

You will receive a daily guided meditation recording so that you can practice all the tools you’ve learned, generating a sense of wellbeing, improved physical health, and spiritual development.

Keeping your energy field clean & protected

A 4 week live  & interactive online workshop


*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the teachings, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.

Energetic Self-Care

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Do you:

  • often feel ‘spacey’, ‘sluggish’ or confused
  • feel that some vital part of you is missing
  • suffer from ‘unknown’ sources of pain and discomfort
  • feel drained, ‘disconnected’, or emotional after being or talking with other people
  • feel overwhelmed by stress, thoughts, and emotions, and can’t relax
  • feel too much, and have been told you are over sensitive or 'too empathic'
  • dislike spending long periods of time meditating or feel bored or confused while doing so

Would you like to know how to:

  • cleanse and protect your energy field
  • release unwanted, non-beneficial, or stuck energy
  • reconnect to Earth & Cosmic energy in a way that is beneficial to you
  • enliven and balance your chakras & your energy field
  • clear out old/stagnant energy from your energy system
  • keep non-beneficial energies out of you and your space!

4 online sessions of 90 minutes:

Monday 19 September, 2022
Thursday 22 September, 2022
Monday 26 September, 2022
Thursday 29 September, 2022

6am Pacific ~ 9am Eastern ~ 10:30am Nfld

2pm London ~ 3pm Europe

9pm Hong Kong / Singapore

This essential knowledge is a great base for any spiritual or energetic toolbox!

In this 4 week class, you will learn how to:

  • reconnect to Mother Earth, be grounded, receive beneficial Earth grounding energy, and release old stuck energy out of your system
  • ‘call back’ your own energy and fill back up with beneficial energy for your wellbeing and next experiences
  • run beneficial Earth & Cosmic energy at a conscious level, that will clean out your energy channels, chakras, aura and energy field.
  • set up energetic protection to assist in keeping you and your energy field clean and protected.
  • create instant relief by cleaning out & ‘exploding’ stuck energy caught up in your field, chakras, body and aura
  • be consciously connected in your body to keep others’ energy out of you and your field, and to release energy that really belongs to other people.

In addition you will receive from Dolores, Julien, and Crys, powerful energetic clearings and healing channeling wisdom to assist you to learn and integrate these useful techniques.

You will also get the recordings of all sessions for your review and further learning!