♦ Self-esteem
♦ Memory
♦ Creativity
♦ Concentration
♦ Efficiency
♦ Self-discipline
♦ Organization

♦ Energy

♦ Courage

♦ Gratitude
♦ Foresight
♦ Perseverance
♦ Effortlessness and ease

♦ Motivation

♦ Decisiveness
♦ And much more!

Success  /səkˈsɛs/

The ability to reach your goals in life -attainment, accomplishment, or progress.

Activate your Success


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What does Success mean to you?
Set & Reach your goals!

Join Dolores, Julien, and a like-minded community for 3 weeks of active energetic change

21 days to reset and activate your new Success energy for 2024!
Clear out old stagnant beliefs, patterns, and energies. Gain clarity and start fresh.

Remove lingering blocks that have been standing in your way, and
elevate your Success energy to a new and exciting level!

21 day Activation to reset
and boost your Success energy

♦ Start the New Year with fresh energy, clarity, and focus!

♦ Gain the ability to connect to the true flow of your Prosperity!

♦ Activate & reset your Success energy & mindset!
♦ Strengthen all areas of your life connecting you to the energy of Success!

♦ Clear blocks, beliefs, patterns, non-beneficial energy or thinking that stops you from reaching your goals, and living a life of fulfillment!
Clear karma, as well as ancestral & collective lack limitations!

♦ Delete old forgotten manifestations from this or other lifetimes, that no longer benefit you, and can hinder your ability to succeed!

♦ Come together as a group and create a supportive and safe space to foster that Success energy and mindset!

♦ Strengthen your energy and your ability to attract success on all levels!

♦ And much more to be addressed and activated by your personal questions!

♦ Regular live Q&A sessions to clear any triggers, blocks or energy in the way of your Success for 2024

♦ Receive extra energetic boosts and further clearings through daily recorded messages on different topics, all contributing to your Success

♦ Feelings of flow, wellbeing, trust, happiness, Joy
♦ Amplify your shift through the group's support, synergy, and letting go
♦ Gain clarity and feel motivated and supported, with feelings of achievement
♦ Clear energy on your path to assist in achieving your goals for 2024 and the future
♦ Gain inspiration, insight, and enthusiasm
♦ Feel empowered, strong, and confident to set your goals and move forward in 2024!

♦ Succeed on all levels: health, wellbeing, relationships, finances, career, purpose, and more!

*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the teachings, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.

Format of the 21 day Success reset

4 live & interactive online Q&A sessions (zoom)
We will meet live on 4 consecutive Mondays for an interactive Q&A webinar

Supplemented by daily recorded energetic clearings

Everyday, for 21 days, you will receive a 10-15 minute recorded video of energetic clearings on selected topics in relation to your Success
(no video on the 4 Mondays where we will meet live)

All recordings will be available on your private dashboard, to watch & rewatch,
and benefit from the clearings without time limitations!

► 4 live Q&A sessions

Mondays | April 8, 15, 22, 29, 2024
(6:30am Pacific - 9:30am Eastern - 2:30pm London - 9:30pm HK/Singapore)

► Supplemented by daily recorded energetic clearings!

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Key topics
We will clear, reset, and activate your energy on all levels and areas of life, and will address such topics as: