Go from "wobble" (fear) to "wow" (love)

With the assistance of The Crys we will activate and harmonize each chakra to the vibration of Love, creating deep clearing and healing, and we will re-establish healthy connections between the body, chakras, and aura (and their power centers)

Each week we will look at 1 chakra, and learn about its particular function and properties, what it looks like, its body correspondence, aura connection, and resultant life experiences, and we will addresss the "wobbles"

We will do an energetic clearing of each chakra and corresponding auric layer, checking for imbalances and blockages, to heal and reset the spin of each chakra and its energy flow. You will learn how to do a chakra cleanse, and learn some simple techniques for flushing and realigning each chakra.

Through energetic clearings, teachings, channelings, guided meditations and activations, we will release fear, guilt, shame and other heavy emotions that may be lingering in your energy field, allowing you to go deeper in your awareness and understanding of your connection to your body and energy field, and become more connected and empowered to your infinite potential!

Activate your Energy Field


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We will assist you to clear and balance your chakras and aura, remove any blockages or imbalance, and strengthen for greater communication between your body, chakras, and aura. Healthy, functional chakras and aura lead to healthy, functional body, life experiences, and perceptions, allowing you to get closer to living your full and infinite potential!

As we assist to bring you and your chakras back into harmony and balance with your true self, your true purpose and the universe, expect to leave the class with vital life force energy flowing through your body, mind & spirit, and be more awakened and fully functional in your life experiences!

Along with 7 weekly live classes of 2 hours you will receive:

~The complete recordings of all 7 classes for review and study at your own time
~Energetic clearing and channeled Q&A  on each chakra, auric layer, and corresponding life experiences

~The healing wisdom of The Crys
~Guided energy meditations and other tools for clearing and balancing your energy field
~Synergy from the group, a community of like-minded and Heart-based people like yourself, committed to their own growth and expansion, the group synergy creates a much bigger shift for you.

~our full attention and assistance

~Bonus: meet your Energy Field Expert!

A 7 week exploration of your energy field -body, chakras, and aura

A new live & interactive Chakras workshop


Full investment            $697
Club members             $597

*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the teachings, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.


7 sessions of 2 hours  |  Mondays

October 3-10-17-24
5:30am Pacific - 8:30am Eastern - 1:30pm London - 8:30pm HK/Singapore
November 7-14-21, 2022
5:30am Pacific - 8:30am Eastern - 1:30pm London - 9:30pm HK/Singapore

Join Julien, Dolores & The Crys, and a group of like-minded students for 7 weeks of balancing, harmonizing, and healing of your energy field! Each week we will look at a different chakra, and its correspondence in your aura and physical body.




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Chakras are whirling wheels of energy that are throughout our bodies. They align our spine as well as our lives. Chakras are intricately connected to our physical, mental and spiritual systems. When blocked, inactive or spinning in the wrong direction these "wobbles" show up in our everyday reality through our experiences and our perceptions of the world. Our lives, our physical body health and well-being are directly affected by these “wobbles” as well as our spiritual and source connections.

You will learn about the basics of each chakra, their associated aura layers, their body correspondences, and how to clear out fear and other non-beneficial emotions blocking your energy field. You will also learn how to reset to Love and other beneficial energies and emotions, allowing a healthy flow of energy in your field.

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