"This year has been so crazy and your support has made a huge difference in my life.

Every time I got off a session I had new energy, information and perspective and felt a part of something much bigger and truly connected and supported for who I am and what my service is in this world.

Thank you for your work and support."  D.H., USA

The purpose of Activ8

The purpose of Activ8 is for Julien, Dolores and The Crys, to mentor, guide and clear all that is standing in the way of you accessing your infinite potential and the self love that you are! This is a live and interactive approach to you achieving the changes that you would like to see in your life now! Through the combination of group and personal questions, you will receive life changing energetic clearings and activations on all areas that are blocking you from the life you want to live! This life changing process takes place within an intimate and supportive group environment that allows for the energy shifts to be multiplied exponentially, as you resonate with other members shifting, you also shift! This is a unique and powerful experience unlike no other, all from the comfort of your own home!

Our format
You will benefit from the love, energy & wisdom of The Crys, as you are soothed, guided & rebalanced by their words and healing energy!
You will be mentored and supported by the enlightened wisdom & energy of The Crys -a star light and crystal light collective of enlightened beings from Sirius, the planet of Wisdom, who are channeled through Dolores and are present to assist humanity to access our full potential and to remember the love that we are. The Crys assists us to assimilate the great changes in energy that are taking place on the planet at this time and to grow into our full potential with love, ease and grace. Their love for humanity is boundless as they patiently guide us in an environment of non-judgement, they see us for who we truly are and love our light within.

Read more about The Crys here >>

In addition to the healing wisdom and energy of The Crys, Julien and Dolores will also facilitate your personal growth and change through powerful live intuitive energetic clearings. And Julien will also assist you to clear the path to your infinite potential in all areas of your life with recorded Hypnotherapy sessions, tailored to the needs of the group along the progression of the program. Creating powerful shifts and changes that complement and blend with the ever present healing energy and love & wisdom of The Crys.

Read more about Julien here >>

Through their mentorship, energy and with over 40 years of combined experience, Julien & Dolores will bring balance and peace to your life by embodying the union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, allowing for you to shift and grow in a unified and stable way within a safe and intimate environment. This Divine union will bring wholeness and unity to your full being. Creating within you a greater love & trust of self as they assist you with your heart opening and access of 5th dimensional and above love energies.

Read more about Dolores here >>

"I totally enjoyed Activ8, the group was wonderful. There has been so much growth this year for me." 
K.K., Canada

Who is Activ8 for?
Activ8 is for those who want to go deeper with their personal growth and development, who are looking for a regular support from like-minded and loving individuals as they shift, grow and create deep, permanent changes. It is for those who are on the path to self love and searching to find and know their true self.

It is for those who are feeling 'different', becoming aware of the new energies emerging on the planet at this time and are looking for ways to integrate these new energies and experiences in a safe, loving and supportive environment. It is for those who feel the pull towards the 5th dimensional energy and the potential of its love and Heart opening or perhaps are uncomfortable or afraid of the changes and wish to find ways to maneuver within this new energy shift. It is for those who wish to achieve their infinite potential and to walk this planet in the light, love, and trust that comes with this achievement! It is for those who have specific dreams, goals or desires that they would like to bring to reality but need that extra support or nudge in the right direction to remove fears and blocks standing in the way. It is for those who want to create and live from the Heart, who want to be their own change, who want to feel more peace, neutrality and joy, those who want to create more balance in their daily lives, who want to heal and change old negative patterns and beliefs. It is for those who want to let the pain and struggles of the past, stop worrying about the future and live more fully in the present moment!

What's included?

The program will run for 12 months from November 2023 to October 2024 and includes the following:

-Monthly live group sessions of 2 hours
Julien, Dolores and Crys will share wisdom & intuitive information, teachings, energetic clearings and channeling, all live and in person. All participants are provided an opportunity for direct live Q&A to Crys/Dolores and Julien. They will clear blockages and limitations energetically, while providing guidance and harnessing the group energy/synergy of exponential love, healing and growth, all for the benefit of each group member.

-Recordings of all group sessions for your personal review. As you re-listen at your convenience to these sessions you will benefit from the energies & clearings on deeper and deeper levels, and discover wisdom that you may not have been able to absorb the first time around. If you miss a live session, you may email your questions and the answers/clearings will all be recorded for you to listen to and contemplate at your convenience.

-Recorded hypnotic sessions by Julien that will support & assist your growth & goals. These powerful tools will assist you to know, create, and allow yourself to receive your true Heart's desires. You will realign your Heart-Mind communication through soothing relaxation and hypnotic suggestions, that will allow you to permanently change your programming. Read more about Hypnotherapy and Julien here >>

-Private whatsapp group, for a continuous easy connection with the group. This will be a place of exchange and support during the duration of the program.

-You will also benefit from the group energy & support, which will create a collective consciousness that is based on beneficial change, growth, success & love. A beautiful energy will develop within the group, which will create a deeper awareness, understanding and empowerment as well as a supportive environment that allows for you to shift and grow in love and trust!

-And more based upon what is useful for the group and the themes explored.

"You can't believe how much I am benefiting from your classes.
Thanks for opening a “new” path in my life. I love what is happening with me right now."
K.V., Hong Kong


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A live group Mentoring program that will also offer the opportunity to do

in-depth work on personal challenges and issues.

We'll be looking at what is arising in your daily life, and assist you to meet these challenges and clear the way to your infinite potential!

This intimate gathering will include live channeling, live energetic clearings, and hypnosis recordings.

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