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Online FREE interactive healing webinar

Wednesday 23 Decemebr, 2020

6am Pacific ~ 9am Eastern ~ 2pm London ~ 10pm Hong Kong(60 min)

Experience first hand the difference the Yuen Method can make in just a short few minutes! Julien will strengthen individual callers and the group by identifying & deleting energetic weaknesses and their root causes.
You will have the opportunity to ask personal questions, and you will also benefit from synergistic group shifts and healing.



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Energetic corrections & Activations, Channeling, Hypnotic meditations

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Tuesday 1st October, 2019
8:30am EDT - 1:30pm London - 9:30pm HK/Singapore time (2 hours)

Chakras are whirling wheels of energy that are throughout our bodies, they align our spine

as well as our lives. Chakras are intricately connected to our physical, mental and spiritual

systems. When blocked, inactive or spinning in the wrong direction these "wobbles" show

up in our everyday reality through our experiences and our perceptions of the world and

our lives, our health and well-being are directly affected as well as our spiritual and source


In this 2 hour Chakra webinar, Julien and Dolores will assist you through intuitive energetic clearing, hypnotic meditation, live activations and the channeling of enlightened beings to clear and balance your chakras, addressing any blockages or imbalances and their corresponding life experiences. Healthy, functional chakras lead to healthy, functional body, life experiences, and perceptions, bringing you closer to living your full and infinite potential!

Join us online for 2 hours of enlivening energy clearing as you ask those questions that bring you and your chakras back into harmony and balance with your true self, your true purpose and the universe, leave the webinar with vital life force energy flowing through your body, mind & spirit assisting you to be more awake and fully functional in your life experiences.


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