Learn a simple way to remove the blocks holding you back from health, wellness, and abundance!

The Yuen Method is a non-invasive and touch-free technique that retraces and  explores the imbalances that create conditions. It allows to restore balance and leads to instant results by finding the root cause and the weakening influences, and instantly correcting them in layers to make you energetically strong.

The Yuen Method is easy to learn and apply.
No prior experience is necessary.

Do not miss the opportunity to transform your life with the Yuen Method!

Global presence
Available in person or online for sessions and workshops

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Shifting the Rock ~ August 2018

CANADA ~ St. John's, Newfoundland

Thursday 9 Aug (6-7pm) ~ Yuen method demo ~ FREE!
Thursday 9 Aug (7:30-9pm) ~ Yuen Method workshop ~ $47per person
Friday 10 Aug (6-8pm) ~ Empower yourself with Love! ~ $57 per person
Saturday 11 Aug (9-12am) ~ A morning of lightness! ~ $97 per person
Sunday 12 Aug (1-5pm) ~ An afternoon of Joy! ~ $127 per person

All events hosted by Betty Collins @ The E-Factor ~ 37 Roosevelt Ave, Mt. Pearl

We also have a limited amount of personal/private sessions available.
Book early!    >> julien@consciouslyhappy.com

THURSDAY, August 9, 2018 ~ 6:00-7:00pm
FREE Yuen Method demonstration

by Certified Master Instructor, Julien Willm & Certified Instructor Dolores Delaney
Discover how the Yuen method can change your life in just a few minutes! Julien supported by Dolores will work on each attendee and the group to bring shifts and healing through intuitive energetic clearings.

THURSDAY, August 9, 2018 ~ 7:30-9:00pm
Yuen Method workshop ~ Money, Relationships & Creating your infinite potential!

With Certified Master Instructor Julien Willm & Certified Instructor Dolores Delaney
Experience first hand quick and powerful lasting changes for yourself and your loved ones. Julien and Dolores will find and “strengthen” energetic weaknesses, creating for you dynamic shifts in all areas of your life with a focus on prosperity, relationships, and creating your infinite potential! Julien and Dolores will work on each individual and the group. You will leave this group session feeling stronger and energetically lighter as you get closer to your infinite potential and who you really are!
Your investment: $47 per person (Original price $110 per person)

FRIDAY, August 10, 2018 ~ 6:00-8:00pm
Empower yourself with Love!

Discover the heart opening energy & wisdom of The Crys as channeled by Dolores (& supported by the intuitive energetic clearings of Julien) as they expand on the topic of self empowerment through love. As participants pose valuable life questions to The Crys, they work on the group through heart energy to bring greater love, awareness, clarity and peace into the lives of each attendee and those connected to them!
Your investment: $57 per person (Original price $120 per person)

SATURDAY, August 11, 2018 ~ 9:00-12:00am
A morning of Lightness!

Lighten your load, get rid of old energetic baggage, unwanted and outdated thought patterns, belief systems and behaviors that are weighing you down or holding you back! All in a safe and loving environment as The Crys, Dolores & Julien assist you (through channeling, powerful energetic clearings and hypnosis) back to wholeness and lightness. You are brought back into balance as you discover and remember who you are underneath it all!
Your investment: $97 per person (Original price $200 per person)

SUNDAY, August 12, 2018 ~ 1:00-5:00pm
An afternoon of Joy!

Dive a little deeper with The Crys, Dolores & Julien as you clear blockages and distractions that are in the way of you following and achieving your bliss! Discover through various techniques (muscle testing, hypnosis, intuitive clearings and channeling) what brings joy into your life and remove all obstacles in the way to achieving and living this joy!
Your investment: $127 per person (Original price $250 per person)



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LEVEL 1 ~ Basic protocol
Saturday & Sunday 25-26- November, 2017
9am - 5pm

You will learn how to test for energetic weakness and how to make yourself and others energetically strong. Learn the in depth Yuen Method protocols to uncover issues that cause problems and how to strengthen weaknesses to resolve them.

Workshop accredited towards Dr. Kam Yuen’s Certification program

Enjoy 10% early bird discount: register before Friday 3 November!

Regular cost US$ 597 ~ early bird US$ 537
Special price for repeat students: US$ 397

For more details and registrations, please contact:

Please visit www.yuen-hk.com for more information about the Yuen Method >>