Positive past life regression workshop

3 sessions of 2 hours:

Thursday 22 April, 2021
Thursday 6 May, 2021
Thursday 20 May, 2021

5:30am Pacific - 8:30am Eastern - 1:30pm London - 8:30pm HK/Singapore

Do you struggle with feeling Self-love, Confidence, Trust, Strength or Self-empowerment?
Experience a positive past life regression and get to feel those positive feelings, and heal in a new way by drawing upon that experience to assist you in this life.

During these 3 easy sessions, Julien and Dolores will energetically strengthen you and the group to assist and prepare you for the regression, where Julien will guide you to your positive past life experiences. There will be some time afterwards to share your experience and gain more insight with Crys

Join Julien and Dolores for this exciting and fun new experience!

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A new live online  experiential PAST LIFE REGRESSION workshop
Connect and explore some of your positive past lives

with Julien Willm, Certified Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist

with Dolores, channeling The Crys

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*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the workshop, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.


Positive past life regression

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