We offer several options for us to work with you, online or in person,

as well as in group or individual settings

Consciously Happy offers

Private sessions

In the comfort of your own home via skype/phone or in person if near you.

-with Julien

-with Julien, Dolores and The Crys

"Julien has helped me tremendously over the last few years."
"What an amazing experience!! "

Online Events
Spiritual cafe Q&A, demos, webinars, Yuen Method workshops, online group mentoring, practice sessions ...

Live Events

Come and meet us in person for various live events!

Consciously Happy Members Club

Meet people of like mind & heart from around the globe, and be part of a global community that is dedicated to their own transformation and growth through love and neutrality!


An intimate online mentorship gathering for those desiring assistance to exponential love, change & growth! For those who wish to live their infinite potential now and who feel the pull towards the 5th dimension and it's infinite love!

"Thank you  Crys, Dolores and Julien for once again bringing Light!"

Private Mentoring

We offer a limited number of private mentorships, tailored to your needs, to assist your personal growth, as well as Yuen Method private tutelage.

"Wow, amazing session!"