*Refund Policy: Given the nature of the teachings, the limited number of spots available, and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.

A 12 week journey of discovery, clearing and activation in all areas of your life!

Live your Joy! Your Fullness! Your highest potential!

Activate your Life
Activate your life - 4 monthly payments

"This group comes together for its sharing, its growing and support of a higher learning and potential in each individual as well as the collective" - The Crys

      Class format - 2 hours as follows:

  •  opening comments & teachings
  •  1st energetic forum &  Q&A
  •  Break
  •  2nd energetic forum and Q&A
  •  closing, playwork & good-byes


Your investment:  US$ 1497   ~   or 4 monthly payments of $397
Club members:  US$ 1197   ~  or 4 monthly payments of $317

(longer payment plans also available upon request)

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12 live & online sessions of 2 hours

Thursdays: September 30, October 7-14-21-26 (Tuesday), November 4-11-18-25, December 2-9-16, 2021
8:30am EDT - 1:30pm London - 8:30pm HK/Singapore time (2 hours) *
* The time for Hong Kong and Singapore will change to 9:30pm after daylight saving time (DST) is observed from Oct 31st

"There is exponential power & healing in coming together."  ~ The Crys

Have fun in a group setting with resonance in discovering, uncovering, transforming and activating within yourself a new program to your infinite potential and who you want to become! A light and fun program packed full of information and experiences, where you get to address and transform all areas of life and discover who you really are behind all the programed beliefs, patterns, negative perceptions and self-judgements, allowing you to access and make space for your joy, your self-love and your true potential now!

Learn and grow while having fun! A light, easy, and supportive atmosphere where you can ask questions to loving enlightened beings as channeled through Dolores, and receive healing messages, insights, and  activations. Also, Julien and Dolores will guide you with intuitive answers and energetic clearings in answer to your live questions.Through Julien's powerful guided hypnotic techniques, you will be able to receive important messages from and connect  with your higher selves, your ancestors and your cosmic families! Messages that sooth and heal and release the negative charge of old experiences, traumas, and generational patterns that no longer serve you, freeing up valuable energy that you can use to recreate and redesign your life and your joy! Allowing you to feel lighter and more integrated, activated to your fuller potential where you decide your future without negative beliefs or influences holding you back!

Discover who you are underneath as you lift the restraints of the past and start building a new future through the peace of neutrality, love and joy of the present moment!

Blessed to be part of this class. Very comprehensive -relationships, health, money (most fun!) ...

It covers it all in a fun and relaxed manner. Packed with tools I will use for life.
Many thanks to Dolores and Julien for their wisdom, love and support during this journey.
Highly recommended!
  - T.P., Croatia

Key life topics covered are as follows:
Health and wellness, time and aging, relationships on all levels, love, joy, self-image, family dynamics and negative beliefs, perceptions and judgements, purpose and career, money and prosperity, timing, passions,  getting clear about who you are and what you want and what works for you, freeing yourself from ancestral patterning and weakening karma, creating healthy connections with ancestors, descendants and higher self. Discover your guidance teams, connect with your guides, angels, masters, and teachers. Look at spirituality and creation/manifestation energy, goals and desires, and creating your infinite potential through 5th dimensional connections and more based upon yours' and the group's interactive questions!

      Along with 2 hour weekly live classes you will receive:

  • The Recording library consisting of 24hrs of all live classes, channelings and Q&As for you to keep and review at your leisure
  • Recordings of all guided meditations and guided hypnosis to reuse whenever you need or desire
  • Guided hypnosis by Julien to help you change patterns and overcome obstacles
  • Access the healing wisdom, mentorship and guidance of The Crys (live Q&A and recorded meditations/activations)
  • Intuitive answers and powerful energetic clearings by Julien and Dolores
  • Support and healing resonance from the group of like-minded aware individuals who like you are committed to their self-improvement and upleveling of joy in their lives!
  • Whatsapp group for support, to ask questions, to share awarenesses, insights and breakthroughs.
  • Playbook to support and further enhance your experience & growth
  • Upgrades to a lighter, brighter, joyous you!


          Sign-up BONUSES!    

          ~50% discount on a double private sessions (to be booked by 31/12/2021 -limited availability)

          ~Free access to 2 live webinars(dates to be announced)

                                    -Chakra clearing & balancing

"Knowing Julien and Dolores is a journey of wonder and surprise! With them and Crys, they get me through my though times, and assist my transitions in life, so that things can be at ease and in the right place.

I am very happy that I can be part of the family! It is a golden chance that one should not miss to explore!"

- I.H., Hong Kong

Do not miss your opportunity to be part of this unique event!

This program is designed to:
-be light, fun and joyous!
-lift off with ease patterns, beliefs and traumas keeping you from accessing this joy
-to activate your life to joy in all areas!
-support you in your growth and self-discovery in a friendly, loving, and safe group environment of like-minded and heart connected people, teachers and mentors
-give you answers to questions about you and your life in all the areas of living
- connect you to your higher guidance and your internal awareness, assisting you to meet your own individual spiritual support team and know that you are always loved and assisted
 -and give you more based upon your interactive questions!

Each week we will look at a different life theme where you
will have an opportunity to become unstuck and grow in
that particular area of life and its corresponding experiences,
to heal and to activate you to your fuller potential!

Week 1 ~ Opening kick-off / Your full potential
Introductions, logistics, class format

Connecting with & living your infinite potential - group energetic clearing

Live opening activation/meditation to set up class energy and healing
Open topic Q&A and energetic clearing
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Your infinite potential

Week 2~ Health, Wellness, self-care, fitness, time & aging
Energetic clearing and Crys Q&A for optimum health and wellness, based on your health issues and questions
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Optimum health & wellness

Week 3 ~ Relationships, self-Image & fitting in
Clearing issues and blockages regarding relationship with yourself, society, the universe and more, strengthening your relationship to life
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Self-love & acceptance
Bonus: Heart activation with The Crys and Mary Magdalene

Week 4 ~ Family Dynamics 1 (present moment relationships)
Clearing negative beliefs, patternings, perceptions, traumas, karma and learned behaviors. Healing and strengthening family relationships & dynamics
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Creating forgiveness & joyous relationships

Week 5 ~ Family dynamics 2 (ancestors and descendants)
Clearing inherited generational beliefs and ancestral patternings, karma, spells and curses and breaking the cycle. Clear the future path for you and your descendants
Creating Healthy connections with ancestors and descendants and garnering their support!
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Ancestors/descendants connection & assistance

Week 6 ~ Joy, love, and your infinite potential
Love of self, others, the universe, giving & receiving, worthiness, bringing more love & joy into your life in all areas from physical to spiritual!
Energetic clearing of blockages around giving & receiving love and knowing/noticing the difference
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Joy
Bonus: Activation of 5th dimensional love & joy codes

Week 7 ~ Purpose, Passion and Career / Mid-way check-in
Getting clear and accessing what you really want (not what you´ve been told you want!)
Knowing your truth and clearing what's in the way
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Clarity and feeling state

Week 8 ~ Money, time & Prosperity
Clearing what's in your way, negative patternings, ancestral & societal beliefs, feeling rich, supported and stable from the inside out, your relationship to money, time & prosperity
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Receiving abundance

Week 9 ~ Higher source Connections and Assistance

Calling in and building your team.
Clearing any obstacles, fears, and unworthiness or hold back from clear connections to your personal guidance! Opening and clearing the channels of communication
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Higher Source connection & Assistance
Bonus meditation: Soul communication

Week 10 ~ Spirituality 1: Manifesting and creating your infinite potential

Spirituality and the creation process
Goals, dreams, desires and bringing them to reality
Clearing what stands in your way
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Time travel and Creation

Week 11 ~ Spirituality 2: third to fifth dimensional connections and your infinite potential
Cosmic questions Q&A
Galactic connections, your star families, friends & ETs of the light
Clear fears & traumas associated with what’s out there (understanding that you fit into the bigger picture, that you are a part of the galactic family)
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Greater Awareness & meeting your cosmic guidance

Week 12 ~ Conclusion/Closing: moving forward and your infinite potential

Open Q&A and energetic clearings based on previous week’s topics and what’s been showing up for you in those areas of your life, Individual channeled messages and good byes
Hypnosis/Meditation/Activation: Your infinite potential

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your help and support I have had the last 12 weeks.

I can't believe how much I am benefiting from your classes, meditation, and hypnosis.
I love what is happening with me right now!” 
 - K.V., Hong Kong

There is exponential power in coming together!

We are going to assist you to light up and activate your life!

 Join Julien, Dolores and the enlightened beings for a 12 week journey to your infinite potential!

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